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Create a Refresh report

BankAnalyze allows you to keep a borrower’s connection to an institution active and pull the latest available data from the connection at any time into a new report. In order to retain the record of historical reports, the latest data is pulled into a new report with a new report ID and the original report is left unchanged.

Note that the API will return an error if you attempt to create a Refresh report for a report_id where sign-in process is incomplete. In this case, there is no active connection from which to pull data. This will return a 400 response with a status_code of “NO_PLATFORM_USER”.

  1. Refresh Request#

URL: POST /create_and_send_customer_url

NameTypeRequiredAllowed ValuesLengthDescription
request_idStringYes64Unique ID for API request. Can be any unique ID generated by you.
customer_idStringYes64Unique ID for the borrower in external system.
report_idStringYes6Source report_id for existing report. Connection from source report will be used to create new report.
report_typeStringNoRefresh128Default value: Signup. What type of new report to create. Signup: Borrower signs into their bank account. Reauth - Cancel all open reports and create a new Signup report. Refresh - Pull latest data for an existing connection

  1. Reauth Response#

NameTypeRequiredAllowed ValuesLengthDescription
status_codeStringYes32Status code for the request
messageStringYes300Message with report id

  1. Example JSON Request#

Request Header:

{  "x-api-key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",  "Content-Type": "application/json"}


{  "request_id": "REQ-25",  "customer_id": "8",  "report_id": "6CAANY",  "report_type": "Refresh"}

  1. Example JSON Response#

{  "status_code": "BACKEND_PULL_STARTED",  "message": "New report  #0S3SI0 created using #DLE2J3"}