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Create a Signup Report

A signup report is the standard and most typical way to create a new report. This should be used when a borrower is signing into a new financial institution and does not have other incomplete reports.

  1. Signup Request#

URL: POST /create_and_send_customer_url

NameTypeRequiredAllowed ValuesLengthDescription
request_idStringYes64Unique ID for API request. Can be any unique ID generated by you.
customer_idStringYes64Unique ID for the borrower in external system.
report_typeStringNoSignup128Default value: Signup. What type of new report to create. Signup: Borrower signs into their bank account. Reauth - Cancel all open reports and create a new Signup report. Refresh - Pull latest data for an existing connection
loan_application_urlStringNo64Link for loan app which can also be included in email and SMS sent to customer
is_contact_customerbooleanNo64Default value: true. If true, we will send a sign-in link to borrower via email and SMS*
loan_idStringYes64Unique Loan ID generated from LMS or LOS system
lead_data.first_nameStringYes64Customer’s first name
lead_data.last_nameStringYes64Customer’s last name
lead_data.dobStringYesCustomer’s date of birth. Format: yyyy-mm-dd.
lead_data.emailStringYes128Customer’s email address. Format is
lead_data.primary_phoneStringYesCustomer’s primary cell phone number. Format: All numeric digits; no special characters
lead_data.employment_nameStringYes64Name of customer’s current employer
lead_data.employment_phoneStringYes32Phone number of the customer’s employer. Format: All numeric digits; no special characters
lead_data.net_incomeFloatYesCustomer’s net monthly income
lead_data.pay_frequencyStringYes["Weekly", "Bi-Weekly", "Twice-Monthly", "Semi-Monthly", "Monthly"]50Customer’s pay schedule
lead_data.last_paydateStringYes10Customer’s most recent pay date. Format: yyyy-mm-dd.
lead_data.next_paydateStringYes10Customer’s next pay date. Format: yyyy-mm-dd.
lead_data.bank_account_numberStringYes100Customer’s bank account number
lead_data.bank_routing_numberStringYes9American Bankers Association (ABA) routing number for the customer’s bank. Format: All digits; no dashes (nnnnnnnnn)
lead_data.requested_amountFloatYesRequested loan amount in USD, including dollars and cents

  1. Signup Response#

NameTypeRequiredAllowed ValuesLengthDescription
urlStringYes300Borrower portal link for bank login
report_idStringYes6Unique report ID created by Lokyata

  1. Example JSON Request#

Request Header:

{  "x-api-key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",  "Content-Type": "application/json"}


{  "request_id": "REQ-25",  "customer_id": "8",  "loan_id": "Loan1",  "loan_application_url": "",  "is_contact_customer": true,  "lead_data": {    "requested_amount": 500,    "dob": "1900-01-01",    "first_name": "Charlie",    "last_name": "Kelley",    "primary_phone": "3014481234",    "email": "",    "employment_name": "Paddy's Pub",    "employment_phone": "3014485678",    "pay_frequency": "Weekly",    "last_paydate": "1990-01-01",    "next_paydate": "1990-01-01",    "net_income": 1500,    "bank_routing_number": "123456789",    "bank_account_number": "123456"  }}

  1. Example JSON Response#

{  "url": "",  "report_id": "VEJJFC"}