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This endpoint fetches some basic info for a given report or basic info for all reports for a given borrower. The info returned includes the real-time report status.

  1. Report status#

NOT_STARTEDDefault. Report is pending and sign-in process has not begun.
IBV_LINK_CLICKEDBorrower has clicked on the sign-in link to borrower portal.
BACKEND_PULL_STARTEDData pull has started.
DEACTIVATEDReport was incomplete and deactivated by a Reauth report being created for same borrower.
CHALLENGEDThe borrower has been presented with a multi-factor authentication
PREVENTEDThe borrower entered invalid credentials
DENIEDThe borrower entered invalid credentials
REJECTEDA multi-factor authentication was answered incorrectly
LOCKEDThe financial institution is preventing authentication. The borrower must contact the financial institution
IMPEDEDThe borrower’s attention is required at their online banking institution, e.g., there is a marketing message that must be viewed, terms and conditions that must be accepted, etc.
EXPIREDThe MFA answer was not provided within the time allotted by the financial institution
IMPAIREDThe borrower is missing some or all credentials needed in order to connect
EMPTYConnection to institution was successful, but no transactions present in past 90 days for all accounts at institution.
FAILEDAn error occurred in Lokyata system.
COMPLETEDSign in process is successfully complete and report is ready to review.