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Get report status API

This endpoint fetches some basic info for a given report or basic info for all reports for a given borrower. The info returned includes the real-time report status.

  1. Get report status Request#

URL : GET /report?report_id={report_id} OR GET /report?borrower_id={borrower_id}

NameTypeRequiredAllowed ValuesLengthDescription
report_idStringNo64Report ID to be queried
borrower_idStringNo64Borrower ID whose reports are to be fetched

  1. Get report status Response#

    Returns array of reports matching the condition

NameTypeRequiredAllowed ValuesLengthDescription
borrower_idStringYes64Unique ID for each borrower
borrower_urlStringYes64Borrower portal link for bank login
created_dateStringYes64Report created date
report_idStringYes64Report id
report_statusStringYesSee enumerations section of documentation64Status of the report

  1. Example JSON Request#

Request Header:

{  "x-api-key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",  "Content-Type": "application/json"}

  1. Example JSON Response#

[  {    "borrower_id": "738315",    "borrower_url": "",    "created_date": "2021-10-07 14:22:38.507042",    "report_id": "X5RAZO",    "report_status": "EMPTY"  }]